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What we offer: No Barrier/Low Barrier Services. No referral neeeded.

Confident Parents: Thriving Kids
Confident Parents: Thriving Kids is a family-focused phone-based coaching services effective in reducing mild to moderate behavioral problems and promoting healthy child developemnt in children ages 3-12.

D: Rehabilitation - Massage Therapy

Denise MacKinnon

As a massage therapist, I take health care seriously, and If you are reading this, you probably do too. I believe that massage therapy should be a vital part of your health care program, as well as proper exercise, nutrition and self care.more info

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Massage Therapy, Denise MacKinnon, RMT
2174 Wren Place
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6Y8
Phone: (250) 741-1033
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Dr. Jerome Fryer – Nanaimo, BC, Chiropractor

As a Nanaimo chiropractor and manual therapist, I am here to help you. Our team at Pure Body Balance focuses on improving your health by carefully investigating the anatomy in question as well as all other tissues related. I will work to reduce your pain and symptoms to provide a natural healing environment instead of conventional treatments that only mask the pain. I believe in finding the root of the issue, not just treating the symptoms. My goal is to offer you a rediscovery of health and wellness through natural and organic ways allowing your body and spine to heal itself.more info

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1621 Dufferin Crescent #201
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 5T4
Phone: (250) 591-1945
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Dr. Robert P. Gagnon - Chiropractor

Dr. Robert P. Gagnon has been providing chiropractic service in Nanaimo for over 30 years. This experience in combination with careful evaluation (including x-ray examination if indicated) and a detailed report of findings outlining treatment options including proven traditional chiropractic techniques and state of the art hand held instrument technology will be discussed. The decision to proceed is always yours and our goal it to make your chiropractic experience successful through quality care, research, technology and results.more info

Address / Contact Info
373 Franklyn St.
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2X5
Phone: (250) 753-3883
Fax: (250) 753-7910
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