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Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio

The Lifehouse is a warm and inviting atmosphere that has been a part of the Nanaimo community since 2005. It is home to people of all ages who are looking for a natural and safe way to heal nagging symptoms and their cause without the use of drugs and surgery. Other benefits clients experience include achieving a better body mind connection, feeling the thrill of living in tune with their inner self and enjoying more life expression and energy.more info

Address / Contact Info
1710 Jingle Pot Road
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6H1
Phone: (250) 740-0333
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Limitless Wellness Couples & Marriage Counselling Nanaimo, BC

Sarah Flynn RPC is an experienced, proven Counsellor with a private practice in Nanaimo, BC. She has worked with clients of all ages suffering from conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, stress, OCD and more. She is also extremely passionate about helping couples improve their communication and work through the issues that have been causing turmoil in their relationship. Sarah currently focus's on Marriage, Couples and Youth Counselling. With a private office in central Nanaimo, Sarah is committed to helping her clients become the greatest agent of change in their own lives. To learn more, visit her website at info

Address / Contact Info
Limitless Wellness
St. Andrews and Sunderland
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 1S6
Phone: (604) 259-1254
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Link 2 Treatment

Reconnect and/or link newly diagnosed individuals to Hepatitis C and HIV treatment and care
more info

Address / Contact Info
NARSF Programs Ltd.
375 Franklyn Street
, Downtown, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2X5
Harris House Health Clinic: 250 753 6759 ext 203
Fax: (250) 753-6717
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Literacy Central Vancouver Island

Assists adults upgrade reading, writing and numeracy skills.more info

Address / Contact Info
19 Commercial Street
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5G3
Phone: (250) 754-8988
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Clinical Headings: Education
Community Headings: Education

Living In Families With Teens (LIFT)

An open referral program that supports parents who are experiencing relationship difficulties with their teens. more info

Address / Contact Info
NARSF Programs Ltd., Living in Families with Teens (LIFT)
1B - 170 Wallace Street (around back)
, Downtown, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 5B1
Intake : (250) 754-9285 ext 104
NARSF Programs Ltd.: (250) 754-2773
Fax: (250) 754-1605
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Clinical Headings: Counselling, Education

Loaves & Fishes Community Food Banks

Family and/or survival bag distribution once per week. ID required. See "Description" for all Nanaimo locations.more info

Address / Contact Info
1009 Farquhar Street
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2G2
Phone: (250) 754-8347
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Topics: Food
Clinical Headings: Nutrition
Community Headings: Food Security, Free Service

Long Lake Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic is a regulated health profession that centers on the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Derived from the Greek words “chiro” and “praxis” meaning “done by hand”, Chiropractic takes a hands-on, proactive approach to health.Your chiropractor’s goal is to diagnose your spinal condition, develop an individualized treatment plan and provide education around injury prevention. This three-step approach helps you to get back to the things you enjoy sooner; Because hitting the slopes for the last day of the ski season, or taking an evening stroll with your family is so much more enjoyable than being confined to a bed with back and neck pain.more info

Address / Contact Info
3955 Victoria Avenue
, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2A1
Phone: (250) 758-1531
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Long Lake Sports & Orthopedic Physiotherapy Clinic

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists will be sure to provide you with a thorough assessment and a detailed treatment plan (see Our Team). This will include an explanation of what's causing your pain, what activities you need to avoid, and what exercises you need to do to. You'll be amazed at how quickly your pain resolves and your movement returns (see Our Services)!more info

Address / Contact Info
2-4906 Wellington Rd
, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2H3
Phone: (250) 751-0222
Fax: (250) 751-0809
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Lynn's Senior Care

We are a private Family Care Home on 2 acres, just north of Ladysmith with two people in care. Our residents enjoy more personal care than an institutional setting can provide, delivered with respect and compassion. From a little help to extensive care and assistance. Professional and competent according to your doctor's direction and your wishes.more info

Address / Contact Info
5085 Jones Rd
, Ladysmith, BC, V9G 1M6
Phone: (250) 245-3391
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Topics: Men, Seniors, Women
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COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool

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MHSU Programs and Services - Easy Access Points

What we offer: No Barrier/Low Barrier Services.

Confident Parents: Thriving Kids
Confident Parents: Thriving Kids is a family-focused phone-based coaching services effective in reducing mild to moderate behavioral problems and promoting healthy child developemnt in children ages 3-12. https://mid-island.

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