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Resource Hub Re: Seniors' Social Isolation - Nanaimo

Community Health Notice posted: 19-Aug-2019 9:25 AM PDT

Below is a link to a website developed as a one-stop knowledge hub for those who are working to reduce seniors' social isolation and to increase their social inclusion.

The website show cases the resources developed by collective impact projects designed to reduce seniors' social isolation at the population level, funded by the Government of Canada New Horizons Pan-Canadian 2015-2016 program:

This website also holds reports and other resources from around the world related to understanding and addressing seniors' social isolation and increasing their social inclusion.

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Residential Services - Dufferin Place

Dufferin Place is a 150 bed extended care facility built in 1987 with limited recreational space wherein residents could spend time doing crafts, gardening, or visiting with family and friends. Since its beginning Dufferin Place has evolved, and recreation has increased to become an important aspect of health and wellness.more info

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Dufferin Place
1200 Dufferin Crescent
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 2B7
Phone: (250) 755-7632
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