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Community Health Notice posted: 09-Oct-2019 10:26 AM PDT

What we offer: No Barrier/Low Barrier Services. No referral neeeded.

Mental Health / Counselling - Adult Mental Health

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada

Our mission is to promote the prevention, treatment and management of anxiety disorders and to improve the lives of people who suffer from them.more info

Address / Contact Info
PO Box 117, Station Cote St-Luc
, Montreal, QC, H4V 2Y3
Toll-free: 1-888-223-2252
Fax: (514) 484-7892
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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) - Nanaimo

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and rehab support for adults with complex recovery needs ranging from chemical dependency or serious mental illness or co-occuring disorders AND significant impairment in functioning.

ACT serves clients with serious mental illnesses that are complex and who have very significant functional impairments.

ACT services are delivered by a group of mental health staff from a variety of disciplines, who work as a team and provide the majority of treatment services.

ACT services are individually tailored to the needs of each client.

ACT teams are mobile and deliver services in the community.more info

Address / Contact Info
Island Health , Mental Health and Substance Use Services (MHSU)
Nanaimo , BC
Phone: (250) 739-5710
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CANMAT - or the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments - is a federally incorporated academically based not-for-profit research organization linking healthcare professionals from across Canada who have a special interest in mood and anxiety disorders. The ultimate goal of CANMAT is to improve the functioning and quality of life of persons experiencing mood and anxiety disorders, through conduct of innovative research projects, development of evidence-based and best practice educational programs, and guideline/policy development. more info

Address / Contact Info
Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments
Nanaimo, BC
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Dr. Maura A. Beattie Psychologist

Dr. Beattie received her doctoral degree from Simon Fraser University in 1992. She was awarded a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship and studied the assessment of violence potential. She has been in private practice in the Nanaimo area since 1993. She has experience working in both adult and adolescent outpatient treatment centres as well as in corrections. She has taught psychology courses at the university level and held an administrative position in an outpatient mental health facility. more info

Address / Contact Info
Dr. Maura A. Beattie Psycologist
#406 - 495 Dunsmuir St.
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6B9
Phone: (250) 716-1571
Fax: (250) 716-1572
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Eating Disorders Therapy

Professionally assisting adults suffering from eating disorders regardless of their ability to pay.more info

Address / Contact Info
Island Integrated Counselling Society, Community Services Building
#306 – 285 Prideaux Street
, Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2N2
Phone: (250) 716-8888
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End of life ceremonies for sacred humans and sacred animals, Shamanic healing & ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Energy Healing, Rituals, and more for healing mind body, & spirit. In healing past history trauma, we gain freedom.more info

Address / Contact Info
2069 Cooper Rd
, Gabriola, BC, V0R 1X7
Phone: (250) 668-7046
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Here To Help

HeretoHelp is a project of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.

We are a group of seven leading mental health and addictions non-profit agencies. Since 2003, we've been working together to help people live well and better prevent and manage mental health and substance use problems. more info

Address / Contact Info
103-237 East Columbia Street - Anxiety BC
, New Westminster, BC
Phone: 310-6789
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Ronald E. Thompson, ACCHT - Certified Hypnotherapist
Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
When you first hear Ron's life story you can't help but admire him for his strength and courage to get through life every day with a smile on his face and a fantastic positive attitude even after all that he has endured in the last seven years of his life. He likes to joke that he's becoming just like the six million dollar man because of all that has been done to him medically in the last few years.

Over the years Ron has endured several amputations, and presently wears an above knee prosthesis on his right leg, and he's had a kidney transplant, and a cornea transplant along with cataract surgery . All that said you will never meet a more positive man.
Ron's professional attitude and compassion ensure that his clients receive the highest level of attention and care. Ron is a passionate and a patient Hypnotherapist with a firsthand knowledge of the day to day issues of life and the help needed to move forward.

Contact Ron Thompson - ACCHT Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Phone: 250-755-6479

more info

Address / Contact Info
Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center , Alternitive Thaerapy-Wellness-Hypnosis , Hypnotherapy, 806 B Townsite Rd. Nanaimo BC , Therapists
806 B Townsite RD.
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 1L7
Phone: (250) 755-6479
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Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia

Nanaimo has a new support group for patients with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This is the first PTSD support group to be established on Vancouver Island, under the auspices of the Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia (MDABC). The MDABC adheres to principles which enhance individual well-being and emphasize self-education and self-reliance in coping with mood disorders. more info

Address / Contact Info
Mood Disorders Association of British Columbia (MDABC).
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Partners In Parenting

A community Mental Health and Addiction service that supports parents experiencing issues related to their substance use.more info

Address / Contact Info
Phone: (250) 755-7855