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The first thing to know, is that there is no taking sides in Couples Counselling. No one person is right or wrong. The second thing, is that for Counselling to be effective, you must feel comfortable and safe with your therapist. For this reason, I offer a free 30 minute consultation.

Oftentimes both parties are not open to counselling and so one of the partners comes first. This is completely fine and very common in couples counselling.

Life revolves around the relationship we have with ourselves the world and the people we love. When our relationships are struggling, we feel very alone and lost. We need for our lives to not go unwitnessed and to have someone with whom we can share our most vulnerable selves with. Our past experiences and current difficulties can get in the way of the love we have for our partners.

If our relationships are to survive then we must invest in them and seek support when needed. This is where I can help. I want nothing more than for your relationships to succeed.

Conflict is a normal part of healthy relationships. Effective communication is key if you are to learn and grow from conflict and not let it destroy that loving bond with your partner. My work with couples starts here, using fantastic proven tools for communication and putting them to use to resolve all present and future issues.

I take a unique approach to helping because no couple is the same. My Couples and Marriage Counselling sessions involve a tailored approach of both individual sessions and couples sessions. You are welcome to call me with any questions you may have.

Make your relationship Limitless!

Call 604 259 1254 or email in complete confidence.

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Limitless Wellness
St. Andrews and Sunderland Nanaimo, BCV9S 1S6
Contact name: Sarah Flynn

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Phone : (604) 259-1254


Can I bring my child?: yes

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Referral protocol: self, physician
Age ranges served: youth 13-19, adult 20+
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