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Community Health Notice posted: 09-Oct-2019 10:26 AM PDT

What we offer: No Barrier/Low Barrier Services. No referral neeeded.

Confident Parents: Thriving Kids
Confident Parents: Thriving Kids is a family-focused phone-based coaching services effective in reducing mild to moderate behavioral problems and promoting healthy child developemnt in children ages 3-12.


Program NameCity
R & R Seniors' Physiotherapy Services
RCMP Victim Services Nanaimo
Registered Nanny Canada
Rehabilitation Services for Adults - NRGH Nanaimo
Renal Services
Residential Care Services
Residential Services - Dufferin Place Nanaimo
Residential Services - Kiwanis Village Lodge Nanaimo
Residential Services - Malaspina Gardens Nanaimo
Residential Services - Nanaimo Travellers Lodge Nanaimo
Residential Services - Wexford Creek Nanaimo
Residential Services - Woodgrove Manor Nanaimo
Residential Tenancy Branch Info Line
Right From the Start, Public Health, Island Health Nanaimo
Ron Depner Counselling, Registered Clinical Counsellor Nanaimo
RRAP Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Run to Quit Vancouver
Rural Reach Counselling and Psychotherapy
Rutherford Dental Centre Nanaimo