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Anouk Sanchez Osteopathy

Anouk Sanchez provides care for people of all ages using the modality of Osteopathy. She uses a variety of gentle techniques and manipulations and tailors her treatment to the need of each patients. Her practice addresses a wide variety of complex ailments and symptoms including concussions and chronic pain.more info

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2147 Bowen Road
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S1H8
Phone: (250) 585-2150
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Barb Wilson RMT

more info

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1105 Thunderbird Drive
, Nanaimo, BC, V9S 2P1
Phone: (250) 616-1660
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Adult Immunization Servicesmore info

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Island Health
#8- 1599 Dufferin Creseent
, Nanaimo , BC, V9S 5L5
Phone: (250) 716-7759
Fax: (250) 755-7924
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I am a certified Foot Care Nurse that has taken specialized training in Diabetic and Medical foot care to treat high risk patients with Neuropathy. My business is both mobile and an in-clinic setting, I prevent little problems from becoming big problems by treating corns, callus and toenails. I also have the profession grade tools and training to thin out fungally infected toenails that have thickened; putting the patient at risk for future foot complications. Preventative foot care nursing will remove painful pressure points on the bottoms of the feet which will allow for easier mobility and for Neuropathy patients; will reduce the chance of tissue breakdown that may result in ulceration. Each treatment session is also an education session on optimal foot health.more info

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foot care nursing, mobile service and in a clinic setting
102-5180 Dublin Way
, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 0H2
Phone: (250) 618-0054
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